Why Career Services


Gloria Horner, is in charge of social media and is a career consultant at career services at Salisbury. What she does is consult students on what options are available when students are not sure what to do when near graduation.

Not only does she help guide students in the right direction, but she also looks over resumes and helps students out with there resumes.  All the resources she provides are great tools to success.

“Career services is almost a hidden gem on campus,” said Horner. “Not a lot of students on campus know what we provide because we don’t really advertise much.”

She as well as Mr. Endicott are in charge of getting companies to attended the job fairs as well. “We reach out to companies everyday to try to come to Salisbury to get them to talk to students,” said Horner

Career services not only guides students towards jobs after graduation, but also provide student jobs as well. These student jobs provide opportunities and experience for a resume.

Career services is located next to cool beans in Gurrieri. The video provided gives a great guide on how to find it when walking into the building.


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