Video Assingment


This video is about why being a student athlete is beneficial to have on a resume as well as having on your application. I made this video with the help of the student athletes of the Salisbury ice hockey team. My script is on the bottom typed.

I’m here at Harrington Delaware home of the Salisbury Ice Hockey team. As we all know being a student athlete is difficult, but it pays off. Companies love hiring student athletes because it shows them that your competitive, have leadership qualities, They’re resilient and as you can possibly hear in this drill they are great communicators. Another great quality of a student athlete is that they are achievement oriented, meaning being a part of a College sports team is like a finishing school for achievement. If you get a person who can see through that and focus, that’s the person you want to have around you.” And last college athletes are great with time management from balancing school and athletics during their collegiate days. So my question to JR forward Jordan Saffron is how beneficial is it to put on your resume being a student athlete.


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