Great Places to Work Off Campus When Attending Salisbury University


Like myself being in college requires a lot of time, motivation and money. Student jobs are not always the best places to work; minimum wage and usually work about one day a week.

Off campus jobs are the way to go while in college. You have opportunities to be a waiter, or waitress and bartenders that lead to great tip money.

Not only do these jobs pay more, but can be more fun too. Seriously who wants to clean commons while being in school?

I asked former Commons worker Steve Dunn a senior at Salisbury how he felt about working at commons compared to his new job at Jersey Mikes. “Commons was awful, I had to clean trays and floors you would have no idea how messy students can be, and I only made minimum wage working one or two nights a week with awful hours being maybe working 3 or four hours a day.”

“Jersey Mikes is a great place to work; they work well with your school schedule and offer working four to five days a week with a little more pay,” said Dunn.

Sobro’s waitress Kate Mehann said working at Sobro’s is a great place to work when attending Salisbury. “I work mostly nights three to five times a week and make great money in tips I come home with $200 on a good weekend night,” said Mehann.

If you’re a fitness minded student and feel like working causes conflict with your workout schedule look into working at a off campus. World Gym hires a lot of Salisbury students.

Senior Kevin Smith said, “This was my favorite job I worked at they work around your schedule and offer employee discounts, and offer great hours with opportunity for great pay.”

If you love Chipotle as much as I do you would notice the large staff they have. Chipotle might not offer the best hours due to it’s large staff, but it is a great place to see friends while working.

Some students just don’t have the time during the week to work because of to much homework. If you’re in need of money being a bartender is a great way to make money in just one night.

Senior Mark Jones is a bartender at the famous Warehouse in Salisbury.”This job is great I see all my friends on Saturday and Friday nights while making great money I walk home with over $200 a night sometimes and I work once or twice a week,” said Jones


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