Final Project


Everyone loves going to college; it’s the best place where you will meet your best friends and party like a rock star, but unfortunately the fun ends at graduation. Once you graduate everyone dreads the thought of moving away from there university’s, but there are options to get hired by a company near your campus.

Don’t worry future Salisbury graduates if you don’t want to leave Salisbury there are plenty of options to get a decent job with your degree in Salisbury.

Just because you have a degree doesn’t always mean you can’t find a job doing something besides the study you worked for for four-five years. There are plenty of places that hire just for having a degree.

Joe Werling, a graduate in 2013 in economics now works at Enterprise selling rental cars. “This job is great I love the interactions with customers and helps me build sales experience as well as decent pay right out of college,”said Werling

There are plenty of opportunities to find work in the field that you studied for in Salisbury that require certain degrees.

Jess Schottroff a former biology student who graduated in 2013, and currently works at the Salisbury Zoo. “I didn’t want to leave this place I love Salisbury,” said Schottroff.

Jess coordinates educational programs with local schools educating students about the animals in the zoo. She also does work for the zoo through AmeriCorps which she described as an organization that is like the Peace corps, but doesn’t leave the United States.

One popular major in Salisbury is communications. Brittany Cooper a 2011 graduate now works for WBOC as a video journalist. “My experience at Salisbury was great, I didn’t want to leave this place everything I have learned here as well has been a big part of my success,” said Cooper.

IMG_3722Cooper editing her video with a fellow co-worker)

Another popular major at Salisbury is exercise science. “It’s an industry that will always thrive because people will always get hurt and need physical therapy,” said Kevin Palmer an exercise science graduate in 2013.

Kevin now works at NRH Regional Rehabilitation as an assistant therapist. “I grew up in Salisbury and went to school here, and I love this place so much I decided to stay here,” said Palmer.


(Palmer helping a patient with the anti-gravity treadmill, and working on core strength training with elastic bands.)



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