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Need A Job? Career Services Will Help You


All college students go to college to pursue dreams I’m a job they hope to pursue. Most students don’t realize how competitive the job market is, but why don’t universities offer resources to help better your chances marketing yourself, and better preparing for interviews.

Salisbury University doesn’t offer a class to teach these skills, but they do have resources and workshops to help build these skills. The Enterprise room in career services helps students with interviews by having seminars by conducting real interviews; with real interview questions.


Need help setting up a LinkedIn account? Career services offers to take your picture in a professional booth to help you set up an account. Jasmine Gilliam said, “I never heard of LinkedIn until I started working. Now with the help of my boss I have over 25 professional connections on my account.”



Ever wonder what other possibilities you could do with your degree in other fields? Well career services has a library with books and other publicans about people’s experiences getting a job in that field or other possibilities to work with. These books teach how to start out in the industry and how these now successful individuals became who they are today.


Today beside career services Maryland Gov candidate Larry Hogan, was at cool beans promoting his campaign and brought to attention how more jobs will be available for us once we graduate. Hogan discussed how Maryland is one of the highest ranked in education, but is ranked 44 highest most unemployed state. “I want to lower business taxes to keep companies in Maryland and to bring in more companies to help but money back into Maryland families pockets.” Said Hogan.


How do Su Students Feel About The Job Market After Graduation


With a competitive job market in today’s society, a lot of people find themselves working jobs that do not pertain to there majors.

Sarah Peters, an exercise science major feels like she can land a job very conveniently as a physical therapist. “Physical therapy is a growing field in today’s society, I feel like more and more clinics are opening everywhere I go,” Peters said.

Peters says that she wants to work with athletes after grad school. “With more and more kids participating in sports I want to help young athletes get over there injuries as well as teach them proper techniques to help them prevent injures as well.”

With the prestigious Purdue business school, students from all around the east coast are attracted to come to Salisbury, but do they feel they are ready to be competitive in the business world? Andrew Gerber of Smithtown, New York feels like he is ready to be a successful marketer, but knows it won’t be easy to find a job right out of college.

I feel like I won’t be able to land a job in marketing right out school; I am confident I can get a job in sales and work my way into the marketing field, marketing is a specialized field, so once I get a job in sales and learn more about business and how to market certain products I feel with experience a marketing firm will hire me as a marketing salesmen,” Said Gerber.

One of the most popular majors across the United States is psychology, but most non-psychology majors know what sort of jobs they target and land after graduation. Amanda Mayweather who wants to be a K-9 officer one day thinks she can land her dream job out of college.

Mayweather says she’s worked in the department before and with her experience she is confident she can land a job as a K-9 office after graduation based on her experience. “It’s a competitive field but I know I can find a job,” said Mayweather.

In today’s tough job market it appears that SU students feel like they can land a job that pertains to there major, but knows it will take time to build up on the experience to get there dream jobs. Continue reading

New Maryland Laws to Start in October


Maryland- Starting October, 1 Maryland will be changing laws that regard to marijuana, domestic violence and rules on the road.

Starting Wednesday, Maryland will pass laws that will decriminalized marijuana to less chargers for anything under 10 grams of possession. These new laws are to help free up prisons due to overpopulation.

Now first time offenders will be charged $100-$250; while second time offenders will be charged $500 with the possibility of other charges to come. These new fines will replace the old law of 90 days in prison, but it will still be a possession of pharaphenila charge.

Dylan Jones a junior at Salisbury University says these new marijuana laws are great because now the prison system will have more room now for real hardcore criminals.

New Maryland laws also include laws towards transgendered people for equal work opportunities.

New driving laws include moving a lane over for construction workers, and moving a lame away for emergency vehicles on the side of the rode. This will prevent any accidents from people not paying attention to vehicles on the side of the rode.

New Maryland law called Jakes law will be in affect as well. Jakes law is an increase in fines for drivers who cause motor vehicle accidents due to being on there cell phone.

This law was named after 5 year old Jake Owen, who was killed who was killed by a driver talking on there cell phone on the beltway.